A business continuity plan will ensure that the impact of an emergency on your business is minimised. It will help your business handle the emergency, continue to function and recover effectively afterwards.’ Oxfordshire County Council

We recently welcomed Andy Brett,Business Continuity and Resilience Officer from Oxfordshire County Council and Paul Mann of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service to speak at one of our monthly Wednesday breakfast seminars.

The morning was spent discussing how your business would cope and recover from a major disruption such as fire, flood, cyber-attack or the loss of a key individual.

Your business continuity plan – where to start

‘80% of businesses without a business continuity plan that are hit by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months. And nearly 1 in 5 businesses suffer disruption each year.’ oxfordshire.gov

Assessing your resilience 

If your normal business operations fail to go ahead under an emergency situation, how quickly can you recover? Here are a few questions you may wish to ask yourself;

  • What are the minimum resources required to function? Including people, premises, technology and finances
  • Can you redeploy assets? When can you gain safe access to your business assets and are you able to move them? Are you able to utilise the people in your business to help regain control?
  • Who will help you regain control? What other professionals can help you access your business assets or relocate you if necessary?

A full risk assessment can be done on internal, external threats and identifying vulnerability. The 365 Alive 10 Minute Business Continuity Assessment, helps you prepare for an emergency by highlighting the issues you need to consider.

How resilient is your business?

If you attended our breakfast seminar, or have been on a workshop, or followed any professional advice, we’d love to hear about it. Have you established a best practice process to follow and re-asses at set times? What key professionals do you have in place to support you?

It goes without saying, that if you ever find your premises at risk and you need to relocate on a temporary basis, you are most welcome to come to us at Perch. Although we would love to have you, we sincerely hope it never comes to that!

If you are a professional and would like to take part in one of our monthly breakfast seminars, please contact Jackie, Community Manager on 01869 690126 or email hello@perchcoworking.co.uk

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